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Three scalable packages for cyber security training

We offer information security awareness training for all business sizes.

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This information security awareness package is best suited for small businesses. Get started with cybersecurity awareness and phishing training right away.

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With tailored awareness trainings for managers and board members, with phishing simulations and Privacy/GDPR awareness training included.

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A scalable cybersecurity awareness plan for any organization. Create your own courses with AI or transform policies into NanoLearning lessons. Unlimited support included.

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These courses are included

Maximise the impact of your learning

These features are included:

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Unlimited Phishing simulation

Run unlimited and targeted phishing campaigns based on our 200 templates or custom made content.

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Reporting and effect measurement

Keep track of starting, completion rate and effects of your training.

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Manager reports

Allow your managers to keep track of their employees' performance.

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E-mail distribution

No login. No new systems to learn. Distributed to all employees automatically via e-mail, Teams, Slack or SMS.

only in enterprise
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AI-assistant & converter

Create your own courses with help of our AI integration, or convert policy documents into NanoLearning lessons. Do a human quality check and you're ready-to-go!

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User awareness rating

Increasing your employees performance through our STAR-method gamification.

Compare our Basic, Pro and Enterprise packages

See what plan suits your organization best and raise the information security awareness level of all your employees.

Awareness training


Information Security Awareness course for all employees

3 minute NanoLearning lessons distributed bi-weekly during 12 months. Including quiz, surveys and effect measurement. Based on repetition, reflection and reinforcement.

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Information Security Awareness course for managers

NanoLearning lessons designed to promote a better understanding of the manager's role and responsibilities in the organization's work with cybersecurity.

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Course in digital security for top management

A course in digital security that provides an introduction to the compliance requirements that NIS2 and Dora place on board and management members.


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Security & phishing features


Unlimited Phishing simulation 

Run unlimited phishing campaigns based on templates or custom-made content.

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Randomised phishing simulation 

Use different phishing e-mails sent at different times to avoid users alarming each others.

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Customisable phishing URL 

Making your phishing simulation harder to detect.

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Performance features


User awareness rating (STAR method)

Increasing your employees performance through gamification.

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Automated training lifecycle 

Automatically getting new employees into the loop.

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User Provisioning via Google directory/active directory Active Directory or SCIM Integration 

Automatic user management of employee changes.

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Course content features


Branded content

Adapt our awareness training to your organizations' graphic guidelines.

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Content customisation  

Adapt and change content in included standard courses.

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Standard languages include (EN, NL, SW, NO, FIN, DK)

One standard


All standard


All standard


Customer success features



Dedicated Customer Success Manager will help to get the course set up and started.

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Follow up and evaluation

Dedicated Customer Success Manager will assure the effect of your training.

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Content creation onboarding

An introduction to content creation by a CSM and digital content creation user guides.

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