Introduction course to the DORA Regulation

With this DORA introduction your management will get a better understanding of what your organisation needs to have in place to be DORA compliant.

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DORA, which stands for the Digital Operational Resilience Act, is a set of rules that affects the financial sector and tech companies that deliver to the sector. It is a great opportunity for the industry to improve across several components of operational resilience.


Its purpose is to bring together different ways of handling technology issues and make sure that Europe's financial sector can handle and reduce the consequences of information security incidents.


Affected entities and their tech services will have to follow DORA regulations by January 17, 2025.


This NanoLearning course introduces your Board Members and Executives to the basics of DORA compliance.


Topics include:


  • NIS2 directive vs. DORA regulation
  • The scope and objective of DORA
  • DORA: Governance
  • DORA: Risk management
  • DORA: Incident reporting
  • DORA: Digital operational resilience testing
  • DORA: Third-party risk management
  • DORA: Sharing information

Are you DORA-compliant?

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