About us

Since 2005 we have reached over 7 million users in over 1400 organizations with our NanoLearning courses. Our vision: Everyone should remember what they learn.

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40,000 courses

Since we invented NanoLearning, we have distributed over 40,000 courses.

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7 million participants

We’ve trained close to 7 million people worldwide.

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1,400 organisations

1,400 organisations have used one or more NanoLearning courses from us.

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The story behind

The NanoLearning method

NanoLearning is a groundbreaking method that allows organizations to increase awareness and share knowledge through bite-sized lessons.

But what does the learning process actually look like? One may think that it is highly individual, but if you look at the research, it shows that we all learn in the same way – that is how our brain is built. And in order to make sure that what you learn will actually be remembered, the answer is spelled repetition, reflection and reinforcement – which is what NanoLearning is all about.

Today, the method is used to create change through learning  – with guaranteed effect.


The operational leadership at Junglemap.

The foundation

We do things differently – with us, you will learn over time.

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Our Vision

Everyone should remember what they learn

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Our Mission

With big topics in small pieces, we empower people to beat the forgetting curve

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Our Core Values

Our core values are Efficient, Reliable, Caring and Brave.