E-learning Reinvented.

Since our humble beginnings when we invented bite-sized e-learning in 2006, we have continued to develop our NanoLearning method​ based on learning research such as spaced repetition, spacing effect and retrieval practice. 

NanoLearning can be utilized for a number of different awareness needs, such as:

  • Digital security

  • Digital privacy

  • Code-of-Conduct and Ethics

  • Productivity

  • Software rollouts and upgrades

  • Procedure and process introductions and changes

  • Code of Conduct or Ethics programs

  • Strategy and change programs

And much more. 

Ease of Development and Maintenance

We think developing, translating, delivering and maintaining e-learning courses has been too complex and expensive for too long. 


This is why we have ease-of-use as a guiding light when developing our NanoLearning Software as a Service. 

Junglemap customers can literally develop a NanoLearning lesson in 10 minutes and send it out globally 5 minutes later.

And this ease-of-use is not at the expense of power and flexibility. 

Maturity and Power

With the NanoLearning, you can:

  • Develop, update or customize content in minutes

  • Deliver content proactively to end-users via e-mail, internal social media, portals or SMS

  • Responsive design that is mobile-friendly and platform agnostic both for admin- and end-users

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Active directory or OKTA for complete user management automation to save you time

  • Integration of Microsoft AI technologies to deliver text-based content via speech synthesis in 45 languages

  • Automated translation via Microsoft AI, Google Translate or agency translation workflows

  • Integrated with Shutterstock for purchase of visual assets from within the content editor

  • Automation of reminders

  • Advanced process analytics with drilldown

  • Automation of reminders and manager reports

All and secured and hosted by Microsoft and delivered to you as a scalable Software as a Service, and so that we can have you up and running within hours. No software to be installed or tedious onboarding processes. 

NanoLearning Summary

Since we started bite-sized learning in 2006, we have delivered more than 6000 NanoLearning programs to more than 5 million users in 1000 organisations in over 140 countries.​

In all our process evaluations, we ask end-users if they like and would recommend NanoLearning, and the average rating is 90 % yes.

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