NanoLearning – a groundbreaking learning method

A reliable method for continuous and efficient learning – with measurable effects.

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Over 7 million users since 2006

What is NanoLearning?

There is a lot of science behind NanoLearning. But this is a short summary:
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Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning method and an effective learning approach where courses are repeated, until knowledge and awareness is fully embedded in the long-term memory.

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We do not learn from experience, but rather from reflecting on experience. Reflection helps developing critical thinking skills and improve on future performance by analyzing information.

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By having all of your employees learning the same thing at the same time, learning is reinforced through dialogue, which leads to organizational effects. We call it collective improvement.

Since 2006 Junglemap has...
delivered more than 40.000 NanoLearning courses
to over 1.400 organisations
and reached well over 7 million users.
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Let’s be honest, humans make mistakes.

NanoLearning was originally created to reduce the risk of security incidents. The idea was to create a way to build human firewalls by offering awareness training to all employees.

We found that the NanoLearning method was a way to increase awareness, knowledge and dialog around the topic – in order to avoid attacks.

Today the method is used to create change through learning – with measurable and guaranteed effects.

Advantages of NanoLearning

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Standardized courses

Use our standardized courses as they are or let us customize them to your specific needs.

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Measurable effect

Your results are measurable – from completion rate to survey and evaluation results, both on aggregated and individual level.

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Continuous learning

With NanoLearning, your learning is efficient, yet not time-consuming. With our courses your learning is continuous throughout the year, without taking too much time.

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Organizational effect

You will achieve higher results among your employees due to collective improvement.

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Ease of use

Learning should be simple and fun, and with NanoLearning, it is – for facilitators, as well as end-users.

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A short summary of NanoLearning

Increased awareness
Like the method
Complete the module
Recommend NanoLearning

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