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Our three product packages give access to efficient learning and awareness training with measurable effects. Create your own courses, use our standard ready-to-go cybersecurity awareness training, or choose any of our courses on compliance. Key features for distribution, reporting, brand customization and effect measurement are always included.

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Cybersecurity awareness training

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Junglemap Basic

Our information security and phishing training starter-pack for all employees.

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Junglemap Pro

Tailored awareness trainings for all employees, managers and board members, with phishing simulations included.

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Junglemap Enterprise

A scalable cybersecurity awareness plan for any organization. Create your own courses with AI and get unlimited support.

Create your own courses

Lots of great ideas, but not enough time? Let our AI-feature help you create the course content you need. Upload your policy documents and convert them into 3-minute NanoLearning lessons with Junglemap Creator. Distribute and follow up on compliance through our platform.

Compliance training

With Junglemap Comply you can pick one, or mix a number of our ready-to-go courses for a range of GRC-related topics like sustainability, code of conduct, diversity and inclusion, governance, productivity and privacy/ GDPR.

Since 2006 Junglemap has...
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