Cyber security for product and development teams

This role-based course by Tagore and Junglemap, empowers product and development teams with up-to-date knowledge about the most critical security risks to web applications.

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Cybercriminals and attacks are getting more advanced. 

Today, product and development teams need to understand threats and risks to their web applications, by looking at their application from the same perspective as cyber criminals.

Secure Coding and Security awareness training are key security controls in ISO27001 and GDPR Article 25. Jump-start your security program and give your team a common base of knowledge of security risks with Junglemap's training on OWASP Top 10 and SPbD.

Developed by experts with decades of experience in information security, this course empowers developing teams by giving a greater foundation to understand risks and protect your web apps.

Via short bit-sized lessons, directly distributed via e-mail, recipients gain valuable insight into the most effective ways of countering the most common threats. Learn more about the NanoLearning method here. 

In this course, we cover the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks.

The topics covered are: 

1. Broken Access Control 

2. Cryptographic Failures 

3. Injection 

4. Insecure Design 

5. Security Misconfiguration 

6. Vulnerable and Outdated Components 

7. Identification and Authentication Failures 

8. Software and Data Integrity Failures 

9. Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

10. Server-Side Request Forgery

Dynamic reports
Ultimately, you need proof that your employees complete lessons, pass knowledge tests and so on.

Your statistics can be displayed at every level, from company-wide to department down to the individual, and you can export report sheets for presentation purposes.

And of course, Junglemap's dedicated CSM team are happy to help you with advance information, course distribution, reminders, reports and more to make the most of the course.

Security and Privacy by Design (SPbD)
By combining this course with our new course on SPbD your development teams will also get a useful framework on how to incorporate security and privacy at every step in the development process. 

Read more about the course on Security and Privacy by Design here! 

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