Information Security Awareness Course for all employees

Our information security awareness training consists of 3-minute lessons including topics such as phishing, ransomware, multi-factor authentication, social media and insider risk.

Building human firewalls is all about raising awareness - all year round. In this Information Security awareness course, your employees will learn about digital threats and how to prevent them by combining knowledge with alertness, dialog and practice, thus reducing the risk of information security incidents in your organization. 

Our NanoLearning method enables you to efficiently raise awareness on information security - over time.  

The best part: We provide an effect measurement report on increased Information Security awareness in your organization. 

The content raises awareness on information security, increasing your employees’ knowledge of various information security threats and how to reduce risk by following STAR behavior (Stop, Think, Ask, React).  

Examples of content:

Productivity watch

Phishing: Links and Login Pages

Productivity watch

Multi-Factor Authentication

Productivity watch

Disinformation and False

Productivity watch

Narratives Insider Risk

Productivity watch


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