Introduction course to the NIS2 Directive

With this NIS2 introduction your management will get a better understanding of what your organisation needs to have in place to be NIS2 compliant.

With a wider coverage of sectors, stricter requirements, incident reporting and more hard-hitting penalties for non-compliance, the new NIS2 Directive is the most comprehensive European cybersecurity directive yet, and represents a significant step forward. 

Entites in sectors defined as essential or important according to the NIS2 Directive can no longer avoid having a systematic approach to cybersecurity. 

Give your board and executives a chance to leverage on what’s expected and what needs to be done and prepared to make your organisation NIS2 compliant before October 2024, when the NIS2 Directive is implemented. 

This NanoLearning course introduces your Board Members and Executives to the following topics:

Topics include: 

●      Introduction to the NIS2 Directive

●      About the NIS2 Directive

●      The evolution: NIS to NIS2

●      Scope and entities affected by NIS2

●      Requirements and measures under NIS2

●      Preparing for NIS2 compliance

●      Fines and penalties under NIS2

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