Course in digital security for top management

A course in digital security that provides an introduction to the compliance requirements that, for example, NIS2 and Dora place on board and management members in certain sectors and units.

The level of digital security affects a business's reputation and finances. It is an area of constant change in terms of management and control, which easily leads to knowledge gaps for people outside security. 

The new EU directives NIS2 and Dora place tougher demands on top management to be aware of their areas of responsibility in digital security.

This NanoLearning course covers the following topics, which are of great importance to any business:

  • Understanding security risks
  • Building trust
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Security management
  • Compliance management lifecycle
  • Working with risks
  • Outsourcing and other ways to reduce risk
  • Communicating security
  • Third-party management
  • Incident response and continuity
  • Planning for the future

The training is developed in collaboration between Junglemap and Tagore. Tagore is the subject matter expert and the training is based on Junglemap's NanoLearning method for learning.

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