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How do you create a security culture in the organization?

The solution: Cybersecurity awareness training all year round

Involve all your employees, recognize that security is a process, and use a training method that is proven to work. Our cybersecurity awareness training consists of 3-minute lessons distributed every third week all year round. Up-to-date content covering topics such as phishing, ransomware, multi-factor authentication, social media and insider risks.

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Phishing simulation included

Phishing is one of the absolute biggest cyber threats against organizations and more than 7 out of 10 successful attacks are due to human errors. This is why phishing simulations are such a crucial part of preventing future attacks.

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Our plans include:

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Information security awareness training for all employees

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Phishing simulation

Included in the training for improved effect and long term learning.

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Keep track of starting, completion rate and effects of your training.

Junglemap Phishing Report

Understanding phishing simulation is creating awareness beyond clickrates. In this report we share our insights and best practice on:

  • Phishing simulation as an integrated part of awareness training;
  • How to balance between high frequency and simulation fatigue;
  • How to strengthen security culture with phishing simulation.
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NanoLearning in Numbers

Our user data show that Nanolearning is a method that works. This is the short version.

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