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“Reflection is what creates learning”

We all learn in the same way. Matti Olofsson, expert on learning and CCO at Junglemap points out that learning is based on three R:s - repetition, reflection and reinforcement.


The first step in making learning happen is to acknowledge that it is a process. Not an event. Anna Tibelius Bodin, educator and speaker, emphasizes that work life learning can’t be separated from our everyday activities.

People aren’t machines. We don’t need to be programmed with repeated information. We need time to reflect and to bring new knowledge into practice. There are different techniques for that. Matti Olofsson underlines the spacing effect as key. To allow new information to be reflected upon.

And this requires that organizations stop treating learning as events and start looking at learning as a process. That they stop forcing their employees into the ‘corporate classroom’ once a year, and instead make learning an integrated part of everyone’s daily activities.

Junglemap Talks   October 14 2022