“Organizations need to re-think how and where we learn new things”

Anyone who wants to contribute to an organization, need to be in learning. But it’s not more certificate that is needed. Because certificates always lead to shortcuts. The important thing according to Anna Tibelius Bodin is that learning needs to be integrated in you every day work life.


Today’s students will have 17 jobs in five different industries, studies indicate. Ann Therese Enarsson, CEO of the union affiliated think tank Futurion, says that this calls for a ‘learning revolution’ where organizations need to re-think how and where we learn new things.

The Swedish model, with its’ shared responsibility on upskilling and reskilling, has been historically successful in handling transition. And the change we’re going through right now, is no different. According to Ann Therese, there needs to be a balance between employers and employees when it comes to learning.

Matti Olofsson, learning expert and former CCO at Junglemap, thinks that many organizations don’t take the responsibility that they should. Not many of us wake up in the morning with the idea of taking a class or study something. The employer needs to take a much more active responsibility for the training to actually happen.

Case   October 14 2022