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“Get rid of the e in e-learning. It’s just learning.”

Matti Olofsson, expert on learning and former CCO at Junglemap, highlights that as long as an organization is compliant driven, it will never be able to look ahead, and have a long-term perspective on learning. To go from a ‘compliance mindset’ to a ‘learning mindset’ is the most important mind shift, according to Matti Olofsson. Because compliance create shortcuts and not learning.


With a work life in rapid transition, tomorrow’s winners are the ones who invest in their employees learning. Ann Therese Enarsson, CEO of the union affiliated think tank Futurion, refers to studies implying that we need to build ‘a new university a day’ just to cover the global skills shortage. Now, since that’s not going to work, we need a new echo-system for learning.

To begin with, organizations need to accept that we are all learners. According to educator and speaker Anna Tibelius Bodin, turning the time we consume information into actual learning will be much more efficient and it will make a difference for any organization.

The main reason for organizations leadership not doing this already is, according to Anna Tibelius Bodin, that ‘they are getting away with it’ and that learning might seem important in long term, but not acute. And therefore, never measured properly.



Junglemap Talks   October 14 2022