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“Accepting that you’re a beginner creates learning"

The way we work and how organizations function is undergoing rapid change. Ann Therese Enarsson, CEO of the union affiliated think tank Futurion, refers to studies indicating that half of all the tasks we perform today, will be automatized in 20 years. This means we all need to learn new things. All the time.


Many organizations are looking to have a ‘learning mindset’. The key to that is to accept that you’re a beginner, says educator and speaker Anna Tibelius Bodin. And it can’t start with the newly recruited staff. It needs to start with leadership. Only when leaders are open to people not being experts, organizations are able to create an atmosphere of people being on a learning curve.

Matti Olofsson, learning expert and former CCO at Junglemap, claims that ‘most companies are lost’ when it comes to learning. Simply because they keep measuring completion rates in trainings and not the effects of the training. It takes focus on the effects and the behavioral change; organizations can start being fit for the future.

Junglemap Talks   October 14 2022