News   February 28 2024

Goran Govorcinovic new VP Sales Junglemap Sweden, Finland and Benelux

Goran Govornicovic portrait

Goran Govorcinovic, new VP Sales Sweden, Finland and Benelux

Tell us more about your new role!

This is a way for us to have a more coherent approach to the whole commercial operations in the Benelux, Swedish and Finnish markets. Both in terms of new sales, upsell and renewals of our services and products. This is crucial for us as a SaaS company.

What is most important right now for Junglemap as a company?

We know that the groundbreaking NanoLearning is a proven method. Over 7 million users since 2006 speaks for itself. Now we're fine-tuning our processes to systematise cyber security awareness training in organisations. With the help of our new AI feature, our customers save a lot of time and resources.

Tell us about the expanded offering around GRC

GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is an area where we see a huge potential and where we have extensive experience in helping clients with tailored training in everything from sustainability to anti-corruption and work environment. Our new AI Converter now makes it much easier and more efficient for our customers to create the courses they need to increase their compliance. In this way, we combine NanoLearning with a simpler and more efficient way to create, distribute and measure effects via our SaaS platform.

News   February 28 2024