News   January 17 2024

Over 300 new customers and a 30% increase in new deals.

With over 300 new customers and a 30% increase in the number of new deals, Junglemap can look back at a very strong 2023.

Portrait of Gustav Berghog

Gustav Berghog, CEO Junglemap

One of the key drivers for the staggering increase in new deals is the groundbreaking AI converter introduced last year. – Many of our existing clients have longed to expand their use of NanoLearning into other areas, says Gustav Berghog, Group CEO Junglemap. With our new AI feature this is now much easier to do, and awareness raising in GRC-related topics now complements our cybersecurity core.

A closer look at the performance in 2023 shows a doubled number of new deals with existing Junglemap customers. This significant increase is related to many customers wanting to expand their use of NanoLearning with Junglemaps AI Converter that was introduced during 2023.

– Creating good quality learning content used to be a time-consuming effort that many organisations haven’t been able to prioritise, says Gustav Berghog.

With Junglemaps’ new AI Converter organisations can, in practically no time, create, distribute, and follow up NanoLearning courses on their policies on Sustainability, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering and different Code of Conduct-related policies.

– Awareness training in these areas has always been a part of what we offer at Junglemap, but with the new AI Converter in place, GRC-related topics are now complementing our cybersecurity core in a much more significant way.

Entering 2024, when the number of cyberattacks are predicted to continue to increase in unparallel numbers, many organisations seek to improve their cybersecurity awareness training. The new European NIS2 directive that will be put into action in August 2024 is also a clear incentive for management to pay more attention to their organisational cyber hygiene.

– We see that many organisations finally are leaving the ‘once-a-year' approach when it comes to cyber security training, to look for ways to secure their human firewalls all –year round, says Gustav Berghog. And that is exactly what Junglemaps’ method is designed to do.

News   January 17 2024