News   May 02 2023

Using AI is a great help when creating NanoLearning

Five quick questions to Nils Ivar Skaalerud, COO at Junglemap who now introduces a new AI feature for content creation, which will be included in the new Junglemap Enterprise package.

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Portraid off co-founder & COO Nils Ivar Skaalerud

Nils Ivar Skaalerud, COO Junglemap

Why is Junglemap adding an AI-feature?

- Many of our customers have a great need for NanoLearning to create awareness on many more topics, but lack the resources and time to do so. Using AI is a great way of create high-quality content in less time which fits customer’s specific needs.  


What’s the difference between the Junglemap AI service and ChatGPT?

- We take AI one step further. With ChatGPT, you prompt and iterate until you get a good text. With our service, we have developed a model that creates good NanoLearing-courses, based on solid pedagogical principles. We combine the power of AI with years of experience in creating effective learning content. The AI-generated courses are built according to a model that has been successful for almost 20 years.


Isn’t there a need for human content creation anymore?

- Yes of course there is! Using AI in the process gives you good quality building blocks of content. But pedagogy is a science, prompting is a science and in our AI service we combine expertise in both, to create learning material that targets all employees. And there’s always a need for quality assurance and adaptation. That’s why we offer content creation onboarding and introduction to NanoLearning best practice led by our own content team.  


What are the privacy and security implications of an open AI solution?

- When using our AI service, you need to consent with sharing your information with OpenAI. In doing that you need to have a clear idea what you want to share and not according to your own organizations privacy policy. 


What are your best tips for an organization thinking of using AI in creating NanoLearning?

- Combine what AI does best – fast content creation – with your own expertise and knowledge of the intended recipients. Always use a combination of AI created content with human quality assurance.

News   May 02 2023