Gustav Berghog
Article   December 19 2023

Our users love us – they really do!

The foundation for a successful company and continuing growth all comes down to one thing: happy customers! This goes for any kind of industry, but maybe even more so for a SaaS company like Junglemap. Having customers renewing their subscriptions and adding more services along the way is exactly the kind of journey we’re aiming for.

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Portrait of Gustav Berghog

Gustav Berghog, Group CEO Junglemap

Receiving the G2 High Performer certificate for Winter 2024 is a solid proof that our customers really appreciate what we offer. At the same time, getting customer reviews based on real user experience, also offers some insights in what we need to focus on going forward. 

When analyzing our ratings, it’s always interesting to put them into perspective to what we promise to deliver in the first place. At Junglemap we pride ourselves to be ‘reliable and always keep our promises’. 

First of all, we always promise a measurable result. Not necessarily a positive result or an easy success story, but a clear and transparent result that the organization can build their future activities upon. We always want to combat the FoFo – Fear of Finding out – that many organisations suffer from. It’s always better to know, than not to. 

In line with that, it makes me very happy to see that we have high ratings and above industry average when it comes to key features like baselining, continuous assessment, and reporting

Keeping track of awareness progress is key in building human firewalls!

Secondly, we need to keep awareness training easy. Therefore it’s also reassuring to see that we have great scores when it comes to ease of set up and ease of use. Many organizations need to kick start their awareness training and apart from the 3-minute NanoLearning format, easiness for end-users is also one of the success factors behind our impressive 98 percent completion rates. 

But good customer reviews don’t make us ‘fat and happy’, it makes us want to reach even further. Looking ahead we’re going to continue the work with improving our admin interface, our dynamic reporting, our phishing simulation features and making our customers making even more use of our groundbreaking AI NanoLearning Converter

Any organization going in to the ‘NIS2 driven’ 2024 looking for a partner to strengthen their human firewalls should really look into what we from Junglemap can offer. 

Or just ask our existing customers – because the really love us! 

Gustav Berghog CEO
Article   December 19 2023