News   April 05 2023

Junglemap presents a strong first quarter 2023 – increased the number of deals by 30 percent

Junglemap had a strong first quarter of 2023 with over 400 deals – an increase by 30 percent compared to Q1 2022. The demand for strengthened cyber security and increased awareness remains high.

Information security
Portrait of CEO Gustav Berghog

Gustav Berghog, vd Junglemap

Junglemap had a strong 2022, with 300 new customers and over 1200 deals. At the same time, the company passed another milestone and has now reached over 7 million users with NanoLearning since its inception.

And the strong trend continues. In the first quarter of 2023, Junglemap made over 400 deals – an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year. One explanation is the increasing number cyber threats, which leads to more companies and organizations putting cyber security higher on their strategic agendas.
- We see a continued strong demand for our services, says Gustav Berghog, CEO Junglemap. Ways to strengthen their human firewalls with functional and cost-effective learning is exactly what many organizations are looking for.

News   April 05 2023