News   January 16 2023

300 new customers and 1200 deals in 2022. Junglemap reaches new milestone with over 7 million all-time users.

Junglemap can look back at a strong 2022 with over 300 new customers and 1200 deals. At the same time, a historic milestone was passed when Junglemap reached over 7 million all time NanoLearning-users. - We did very well last year and will build on this as we prepare for 2023 and beyond, says Gustav Berghog, CEO of Junglemap.

Portrait of CEO Gustav Berghog

Gustav Berghog, CEO Junglemap

Marked by the war in Ukraine, increased energy prices, rapidly increasing inflation with sharply increased interest rates, 2022 was a very turbulent and difficult year. Which also led to many industries witnessing an increased number of bankruptcies, large losses and gloomier forecasts. But despite tougher times, 2022 was another strong year for Junglemap with 300 new customers and 1200 deals. At the same time, a historic milestone was passed when the number of users of Junglemap's unique NanoLearning method exceeded 7 million since its inception in 2006.
- Although last year was challenging in many ways, we see an increased focus on information security awareness training and a continued great interest in NanoLearning as a method, says Gustav Berghog, CEO of Junglemap.

Junglemap's growth strategy, which was adopted in 2021, with a continued focus on existing and new customers in Scandinavia, as well as continued expansion in Benelux and Finland, will still guide the company going forward. Going into 2023, Junglemap has chosen to change the balance between growth and profitability with more focus on the latter. In connection with this, Junglemap implements some organizational changes to create a more efficient organization.
- Just like everyone else, we see that we are entering tougher and more uncertain times, notes Gustav Berghog. With the necessary steps we’re taking now, we will be better equipped to achieve our goals by 2023.

News   January 16 2023