Joakim Hvalby: “Four keys to increased information security”

Since the start 15 years ago, over 53 million lessons have been completed in Junglemap's NanoLearning courses in Information Security. Now the 2023 version is ready to start using. Joakim Hvalby, Program Manager Information Security at Junglemap, is one of the people behind the new course.

Information security
Portrait of Joakim Hvalby, male in his 30's, outside on balcony

What are the keys to increasing information security within an organization?
- A functioning interaction between people and technology. All organizations must invest in both technical and human firewalls.

It basically comes down to four things:

  1. Build a culture of openness. Sharing is caring!
    A working safety culture is based on openness within the organization. An understanding that it is good to both acknowledge and report errors and deviations.

  2. Fight human impulses. Strengthen your STAR behavior!
    As much as 9/10 Phishing attacks succeed because we humans don't stop and think. Junglemap's courses in information security are about strengthening what we call STAR behavior - Stop, Think, Ask, React.

  3. Always use multi-factor authentication. Technical security is needed!
    If your password is revealed, you will not be able to log in without this being confirmed with an additional factor, such as a physical code generator or an application on the mobile. NOTE: Never confirm a login request unless you have initiated it yourself. If you receive an unknown request, change the password and contact your provider.

  4. Use strong passwords.
    Weak passwords are still the weakest link in security efforts. As much as 72% of phishing attacks aim to steal passwords. Use a password manager that can create a variety of strong passwords and store them securely for you.


What are the benefits of NanoLearning?
- NanoLearning is about creating awareness all year round. Security is not something you have just because the technology is in place. It's ultimately about what your employees do. With our Information Security Awareness courses, we can overcome the forgetting curve and thus increase security.


News   November 18 2022