News   March 13 2023

Gustav Berghog in Saas B2B CEO podcast: "Happy customers are key"

Junglemap CEO Gustav Berghog gives his best tips on how to keep customers happy, attract new ones, and find a good Go To Market strategy. NanoLearning is not about putting a check in a box. It's about changing peoples understanding and behaviours long term.

Podcastplayer for B2B SaaS CEO's showing Gustav Berghog episode

The top KPI:s in managing a scale up like Junglemap is to focus on that your customers actually use your services. Customers level of activity is something that Gustav Berghog and junglemap follow closely.


This is one of the tips that Gustav Berghog shares in the B2B SaaS CEOs podcast with Josef Fallesen. The conversation in the episode also covers the best Go To Market strategies, lessons learned from a growth journey as well as challenges and best practice when it comes to leadership. 


Listen to the whole Episode on Spotify here. 



News   March 13 2023