Case   October 20 2022

”The response to NanoLearning is very positive”

When Orthex sends out phishing tests to its employees, and they click on the wrong links, it provokes reactions on several levels. First, excuses about too much stress. And then - talks around the water fountain and at meetings. Just the effect needed to increase awareness of information security. - The response is very positive because everyone fundamentally understands that we take security seriously, says Tina Guldstrand, responsible IT project manager at Orthex.

Information security
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Foto: Orthex

The Orthex Group, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of plastic products, started with NanoLearning from Junglemap with the introduction of Office365 and GDPR back in 2017 and has continued ever since. With a consistent and even distribution rate, they annually conduct courses in both information security and GDPR. And the response, as said, is positive.

- 99% of our users are very positive, says Tina Guldstrand. They appreciate the continuity, that the lessons are short and the design of the learning. 

Being the person responsible for the courses, Tina Guldstrand also greatly benefits from the courses' questionnaires as an important part of the follow-up. Using the survey results as a basis, she collaborates with the Junglemap's Customer Success Manager to create conditions for the best effect.
- Basically, I can just say "I want this" and I get that help. The technical support function has also improved with support in short video meetings to facilitate communication. I am simply super satisfied, says Tina Guldstrand.

Different target groups

For Orthex, it is no problem to distribute NanoLearning to offices in different countries and in different languages. The challenge with any type of communication and learning is to reach all target groups. About 100 of the company's 300 employees work in production and also work in shifts. Without your personal computers or e-mail addresses linked to work, it is difficult to get there.

Instead, Orthex has chosen to produce Powerpoint presentations based on the NanoLearning courses, which the production managers then go through on-site. Here, Tina Guldstrand sees opportunities for improvement, even if the physical environment and the design of the work is a practical challenge.

Orthex also sees an advantage with the so-called STAR model, where participants who stop, think, ask questions and react - are also rewarded with a small digital gold star.
- That's how we humans work, notes Tina Guldstrand. We like to get some attention when we've done something good and we notice that our employees are no exception.

Three advantages of NanoLearning

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Short and regular lessons

The format and layout gets approval from 99% of all employees.

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Phishing-tests spurs conversation

IT-security become a part of water fountain discussions.

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Excellent support

The Junglemap service and support is outstanding.

Case   October 20 2022