”NanoLearning reminds our employees of what they already know.”

At Viking Line, leading cruise and vessel operator, IT security training is mandatory. Initially, NanoLearning from Junglemap was only aimed at employees on land, but the staff on board wanted to take part in the training as well. - Our employees like that NanoLearning reminds them of things they already know, says Alexander Östergård, Head of IT-Infrastructure & Security at Viking Line.

Information security
Viking Line ferry on water

About 200 people work on board a ferry from Viking Line, and of those about 30–40 people have access to their own computers. But all employees come into contact with the company's IT environment in one way or another. This makes it important to give everyone access to courses in information security. The requests for NanoLearning from Junglemap also on board, actually come from the employees.
- Many of the staff on board have previously taken part in NanoLearning when they worked in projects ashore and then wondered why they and we are not allowed to take part in that training on board, says Alexander Östergård.

Today, NanoLearning in information security is also available on board - on computers shared by several people. This means that more people can do the lessons, even if it becomes more difficult to follow up who has done the course.

Celebrate mistakes

Many of the staff describe the effect as "being reminded of things they already know". In a way, the very essence of NanoLearning as a method to increase awareness over time.

On days when NanoLearning lessons are distributed, Alexander Östergård says he can hear people say that "today I was a real star" out in the corridors. One of the many proofs that the so-called STAR model - to Stop, Think, Ask and Report - is actually beginning to settle in the organizational behaviour.

Right now, Viking Line is anticipating the results of a longer anti-phishing campaign and there are already clear signs of what triggers people to click on incorrect links. At the same time, there are clear signals in the company's case management system that the amount of cases dealing with suspicious emails and incorrect links is increasing. This, too, is a tangible sign that awareness is increasing and that employees are learning to be restrictive.

At the same time, creating a safety culture is a balancing act. There are employees who are provoked by receiving Phishing emails from their own organization, but at the same time it leads to good and important discussions.
- Actually, we want to give gold stars to those who make mistakes, says Alexander Östergård. Acknowledging and communicating that something has gone wrong is an important part of a functioning safety work.

IT threats still remain

Looking ahead, it feels natural for Viking Line to continue with Junglemap's information security courses. Both the IT environment and the cyber threats will remain and the collaboration with Junglemap works well. Everything from support in setting up course plans from the Customer Success Manager to the AD connection that makes it easy for new employees to enter what Alexander Östergård calls the "NanoLearning loop".

In addition, the opportunity to create the training courses and make simple adaptations in the company's four different languages is an advantage in itself. Another bonus is that many employees testify that they also become more vigilant and aware in private.
- People really become 'IT-wiser' at home, notes Alexander Östergård, which also strengthens the company's IT security.

Three advantages

Viking Line's experience with NanoLearning from Junglemap

Easy adjustments

The AD connection makes it easy for newly onboarded to get into the security-loop.

checkmark within a whel on green background

Phishing-tests leads to results

The organization gets instant feedback on effect and challenges ahead.

Icon symbolizing reflection

Repetition and reflection

Participants appreciate being regularly reminded.

Case   November 23 2022