LocalTapiola: “Our employees want to continue with NanoLearning”

LocalTapiola,a Finnish insurance company , had tried several different ways of learning and creating cyber security awareness. But nothing with a great success. Since 2021 they are using NanoLearning from Junglemap and the results are clear. – Basically, almost all of our employees want to continue with NanoLearning, says Information Security Manager Elina Saartoala.

Information security
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Raising awareness among your employees play an important part in any organizations’ security work. And LocalTapiola have tried several different online courses over the years. Starting with traditional e-learning and moving on to high class videos, but not with   so good result. - Nobody can remember anything after a one-hour e-learning, says Elina Saartoala.

The videos, even though performed by professional actors and using humor and reality-based cases, didn’t give the desired effect either. 10 minutes was just too long, according to most employees.

Since 2021 LocalTapiola  is now using NanoLearning from Junglemap. Elina Saartoala appreciates the proactive support from Junglemap, from the pilot in the test phase to the smoothness in editing and tweaking some of the content. To be able to use the same content both in Swedish and Finnish is also an advantage for a multi-language organization.

 The idea for Junglemap came from other  mutual insurance company and the numbers from the evaluation after the first year with Junglemaps’ Information Security Awareness training show a significant change: 96 percent liked the content and wants to continue with the NanoLearning concept. An astonishing 98 percent say they now follow the STAR-concept (Stop, think, Ask, React). 
- In our organization security training is one of the  mandatory trainings, says Elina Saartoala. So of course, the completion rate is high. But people were very interested in the method right from the start, and we’ve had a very good response.  

To be continued - with care

With these strong numbers to back up the method and way of raising awareness, the choice to continue with NanoLearning might not come as a surprise. However, the organization has decided to make some adjustments  for the next year. Instead of NanoLearning-lessons every third week, the idea is now to slow down the pace into one lesson per month.

- We want to continue, but also re-new our distribution. We know that most of our users are fine with getting emails every third week, but we don’t want to people to lose attention and stop doing their lessons either.


Lessons learned

This is how LocalTapiola use NanoLearning

Less is more

One hour e-learning or a 10-minute video have no effect.

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Easy to adapt

Editing and adding own material into the courses is easy.

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Measurable effect

The evaluation shows that the users changing their behaviors.

Case   September 23 2022