Does commitment provide better learning?

Does commitment provide better learning?

Two concepts that are often combined together are commitment and e-learning. Many who create digital educations and e-learning aim to create commitment. "We get the participants involved" is a common comment. This has led to commitment becoming a goal in itself for the e-learning tools. As long as they are engaging, everything is fine.

To create this commitment, learning must be lavish and attractive. Animations, video, sound. Preferably all in one. It's nice and it worth (the high) price tag that comes with it.

Why? Because there’s a misconception that committed participants learn better. But does commitment provide better learning?

Research shows that there is no connection between commitment and learning. There is no difference in learning between groups that learn through flashy good-looking presentations compared to those who learn by reading a text with the same message. Everything else is an illusion. Commitment is not the same as learning.

So next time someone says they need to create an engaging education. Ask why it is important. Because what do you want to spend the money on? An effective affordable learning or a nice expensive and engaging presentation?



Matti Olofsson Former CCO at Junglemap
Article   September 21 2022