Case   September 29 2022

”The phishing tests really pay off”

As Junglemap's first customer outside of Norway, ICA, Swedens leading chain of grocery stores, started using Junglemap's information security awarness courses over 10 years ago. There was a need to strengthen digital security, and the concept of NanoLearning was appealing. - Our employees don't have to plan anything in their calendars and the training takes place throughout the year, says Stephanie Ternert, Information Security Specialist at ICA.

Information security
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In parallel with NanoLearning from Junglemap, ICA uses a digital platform where they gather most of their other trainings. A good example of how to combine NanoLearning with other forms of education.
- We started with Junglemap's courses in information security, but pretty soon other parts of the business started using NanoLearning, says Stephanie Ternert. Today, we have over ten different courses in NanoLearning.

Phishing tests important

Stephanie Ternert works with the courses in IT and Information security and praises the phishing functionality included in Junglemap's package. Phishing tests are now carried out 2–3 times a year and the results point to a steadily increased awareness. The frequency is based on a combination of own research and recommendations from Junglemap's Customer Success Manager. But also on the organizational timing.
- Of course we take workload and other ongoing business processes into account in the planning. But the practical exercise is very good and gives effect, says Stephanie Ternert.

The ability to customize the layout of the phishing tests which makes the tests look much more authentic, is another advantage that she wants to highlight. The results from the tests are communicated back to the relevant security officers and to the IT management. In addition, the effort is reinforced by intranet articles and calls to continue reporting suspected wrongdoing.
- It is important to adapt the feedback to the target group in order to reinforce the effects in the right way, notes Stephanie Ternert.

Development going forward

She sees the fact that ICA has gone from using NanoLearning in information security and then started using the method for more things as something very positive and says that ICA is happy to be involved and contribute to the development going forward. For example, she sees further opportunities for improvement with the phishing tests.
- For example, it would be great if we could send phishing tests in several languages, she says. 

Three lessons learned

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Phishing tests are effective

Customized layout makes them extra credible.

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Excellent support

Junglemaps Customer Success Manager gives good advice and support.

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Short lessons

Employees do not need to set aside time in their calendars.

Case   September 29 2022