Article   November 07 2023

Security and Privacy by Design training is vital for companies

In today's digital age, data protection is paramount. With the introduction of GDPR Article 25 (Data protection by design and by default), organisations face a new imperative: Data protection by Design. Andreas Hegna, Founder at Tagore and partner to Junglemap, explains why training in this area is crucial.

Information security
Cellphone close up + Portrait of Andreas Hegna

Andreas Hegna, Andreas Hegna, Founder at Tagore and partner to Junglemap.

  1. Legal Compliance: GDPR Article 25 mandates that data protection is integral to systems from the get-go. Companies must design with security and privacy in mind. Training ensures that employees understand the requirements for secure development and its implications. 
  2. Data Breach Prevention: Proactive security and privacy design reduce the risk of data breaches. Training equips your team with the skills to spot vulnerabilities and safeguard against them. 
  3. Customer Trust: Clients are more likely to trust companies that prioritise their data security and privacy. Embracing Article 25 can boost your reputation. 
  4. Cost Savings: Preventing data breaches through proper design is more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath. A "shift left" strategy helps you achieve this. Training pays off by avoiding costly fines and losses. Nano learning training is also a very cost-efficient way to upskill large teams quickly and efficiently without having to pull team members away for vital projects for hours or days. 
  5. Competitive Advantage: Demonstrating your commitment to Security and Privacy can set you apart from competitors and attract customers.  
  6. Reduced sales friction: By showcasing your security investments you can help reduce sales cycles so that customers more easily can assess the security and compliance in your application without lengthy questionnaires. This is especially useful in these NIS2 times and when developing software. 

Incorporating Security and Privacy by Design (SPbD) through training isn't just a legal requirement; it's a strategic move to ensure data protection and build trust. Invest in your team's skills and protect your company's future.  

A new way to solve the challenge  

The market expects quality and compliance in your products. Regulatory and legal requirements from NIS2, DORA and GDPR can be challenging, and being compliant with ISO27001 is a de facto standard in nearly all ICT-industries. One of the most challenging topics are secure development and security and privacy by design (SPbD) (also known as DevSecOps, SSDLC, SDL or SPbD). 

Today, development teams often seek training through on-premises full day courses. High quality and accurate of course, but like all classroom-based learning there are some downsides to this:  

  • It’s costly.  
  • The team needs to leave work for a full day.  
  • We forget most of what we learn – the forgetting curve also applies to developers. 

Junglemaps’ course on SPbD takes care of these challenges. By dividing the topics into short 5-minute lessons, and distributing them over time we offer an adapted package that:  

  • cost less 
  • allows the team to learn while still in workflow 
  • lifts the competency of large teams to help them understand what it is and how to establish the process 
  • makes everyone remember what they learn – that’s how we beat the forgetting curve. 
Article   November 07 2023