Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct course provides your managers and employees with a better understanding of the values, mission and expected behavior in your organization.


Our NanoLearning method raises awareness regarding business principles and ethical and environmental guidelines over time, thus reducing the risk of non-compliance.


The best part: We customize the content for you and provide an effect measurement report on increased Code of Conduct-awareness in your organization.

All companies are unique with their own challenges, framework conditions and focus areas and employees must be familiar with and comply with guidelines, best practices, regulations, and internal procedures.


With NanoLearning you can prevent information overflow. You will get a tailored training program with emphasis on the company's own challenges.


Examples of topics that can be covered:



• Gifts and invitations

• Conflicts of interest

• Contact with the authorities

• Facilitation payments


• Loyalty

• Integrity and competition

• Confidentiality

• Due diligence / KYC

Work environment

• Bullying and sexual harassment

• Diversity and social dumping

• Drug issues


• Waste management

• Travel

• Supplier chain

• Digital resource use


• Criminal offenses

• Infringements of regulations

• Workplace conflicts

The program can be sent to all employees and to new employees throughout the year, in the rhythm that suits you. It can be updated, expanded and reused year after year.


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