Sustainability Introduction Course

In this NanoLeaning-course we raise organizational awareness on why sustainability is important, what Agenda 2030 is, and how your organization can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our NanoLearning method lets you introduce your sustainability strategy and policy using dilemmas and cases, thus

  • raising sustainability awareness over time
  • reducing the risk of non-compliance with your sustainability policy


We customise the content for your organisation and provide you with an effect measurement report on increased sustainability awareness in the organisation.

In this Sustainability course, you will get an introduction to how you and your organisation can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Content examples:

  • To raise awareness of why sustainability is important
  • What Agenda 2030 is
  • To understand and act on your sustainability strategy

Let's work together!

Junglemap's content producers have long and solid experience in creating courses based on customers' materials and wishes. We create engaging content and take into account educational aspects that allow you to:

  • find out what problems employees often encounter
  • train employees' ability to handle dilemmas
  • collect data and ideas for future improvements
  • find out how employees feel - what are their obstacles?

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