Preboarding and Onboarding

Our NanoLearning method provides a unique solution for addressing the new employee before the first day at work as well as the ever so important first few weeks on the new job.

A good pre- and onboarding process can play a huge difference in talent management for any organisation. Our NanoLearning method is a perfect fit to introduce new employee to business ethics, principles and guidelines. With our efficient pre- and onboarding method your new employees will seamlessly be integrated into your organisation. 

With our method we introduce new staff in two steps:

In preboarding, the focus is to build the employer brand and to give the new employee a good and clear impression of the organization.

In onboarding, the focus is to give the employee the opportunity to adopt the rules and policies that the organization stand for.

We customise the content for your organisation and you also get an effect measurement report of what the employees actually felt about the introduction after it is finished.



Productivity watch

Building an even stronger employer brand in the preboarding

Productivity watch

Faster and more qualitative onboarding process

Productivity watch

Uniform message and yet agile to different roles

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