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“The Netherlands is on top of the list. But we're not that good.”

The Netherlands is viewed as one to the top tier countries when it comes to cyber-security. Still 1 out of 5 organizations are still being hacked every year. ‘We’re doing good but we need to improve’, says Arno van den Hof, country representative for Junglemap in the Netherlands.

Information security

It’s hard to compare how different countries are performing on cybersecurity. Cultural and political differences effects how legislation and policies are perceived and adapted by organizations and the public. One success-factor according to Mats Hultgren, Director of Operations at Truesec, is to implement rules and regulations that are easy to understand.  

 Robert Willborg, former CISO at Junglemap, highlights the fact that the Netherlands has legislation that demand that any organization that want to cooperate with governmental bodies, need to apply to certain cyber-security standards, including awareness raising.


Junglemap Talks   October 14 2022