Junglemap Talks  

“Cybercrime is business. Big business.”

Arno van den Hof, country representative for Junglemap in the Netherlands, urges organizations not to be the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. Mats Hultgren, Director of Operations at Truesec, points out that Cybercrime is big business driven by a cybercrime ROI – that puts SME:s into a higher risk.

Information security

Since all organizations today have some kind of IT-system, they’re all at some kind of risk for a cyber-attacks. Mats Hultgren sees a trend in cybercrime where many ‘threat actors’ are targeting multiple smaller organizations instead of a few internationals. This underlines the need for all business to make sure they have a better understanding of their unique risk profile, says Mats Hultgren.

Robert Willborg, cybersecurity expert and former CISO at Junglemap, wants to emphasize the need to focus on the organization’s coworkers. Most people spend more time on social media outside of work than in the digital environment of the workplace and bring their private online habits with them to work.

Junglemap Talks   October 13 2022