News   April 04 2024

Junglemap excels in security ROI for enterprises

Junglemap is once again rated as a High Performer on the software review site G2. Among the different certificates achieved, the badge for Best ROI for Enterprise stands out with an estimated 6-month ROI compared to an category average over 19 months.

Information security
G2 badges

Some of the Spring 20204 G2 badges received by Junglemap

 – This shows how efficient the combination of our SaaS platform and learning method is, says Gustav Berghog, Group CEO Junglemap.

More than 50 reviews

Based on 50+ reviews from customers and users, the Spring 2024 report from G2 was a real treat for Junglemap, who offers unique cybersecurity awareness training delivered through an easy-to-use and secure SaaS platform. The badges for Best Estimated ROI for Enterprise and Fastest Implementation Enterprise are based on a combination of time to achieve ROI and time to go live within organisations with more than 1000 employees. 
– We are really happy and humble to reach such great customer satisfaction, says Gustav Berghog. Offering a SaaS platform that is easy to operate and that supports our unique NanoLearning method is the driver behind this success. We also see that many organisations are focusing more on the ROI in security investments overall, and that goes for awareness training as well.

Results are important

Junglemap, founded in 2002, invented the NanoLearning-method in 2006 and have since then reached over 7 million users in more than 1400 organisations globally. With a growth strategy and consistent tech roadmap, the company is constantly innovating to meet customer demands. With a new updated real-time reporting feature and a new extensive library for phishing simulation, Gustav Berghog is certain that organisations will continue to choose Junglemap for their awareness training. 
– We gained over 300 new customers last year, says Gustav Berghog. But the number of cyberattacks is constantly rising and so is the need for awareness training that really delivers results – and that is what our customers confirm in their reviews on G2.


News   April 04 2024