Big Topics. Small Pieces.

NanoLearning allows organizations to invest in their employees by raising awareness and knowledge – with a scientifically proven method.

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This is NanoLearning

NanoLearning is based on scientifically proven learning principles, such as spaced repetition, spacing effect and retrieval practice, all of which maximizes the learning curve and reduces the effect of the forgetting curve.

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Image of Junglemap founder Nils Ivar Skaalerud

Nils Ivar Skaalerud


The Junglemap story

Junglemap was founded in 2002, after the realization that conventional methods for learning did not have the desired effect. Therefore, we invented and developed NanoLearning – a groundbreaking method based on research in psychology and neuroscience

Simply put, NanoLearning is built on bite-sized lessons, based on spaced repetition, the spacing effect and retrieval practice – all of which maximizes the learning curve and reduces the effect of the forgetting curve.

We call it big topics, in small pieces.

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Why does NanoLearning work?

Bite-sized learning has been proved to give organizations higher results than conventional learning, here is why:


Scientific method

It is scientifically proven that we learn better and more efficiently with the help of spaced repetition, the spacing effect and retrieval practice.


Collaborative learning

Learning together means that you get added effect from continuous conversations.


Measurable effect

93% of organizations using the NanoLearning method discovered an increased awareness of the topics.


Our offering

Interested in our lessons in security awareness, GDPR or productivity? Get started with NanoLearning right away and check out our courses below.

Stand-alone courses

Buy our courses, and distribute them as they are, or let us help you adapt them to your specific needs.


Course bundles

Buy a topic, for example in GDPR and work environment and upskill your organization.


Custom made courses

Let us help you create your own courses using the NanoLearning method.

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We provide courses in a wide range of topics that you can use as they are, or adapt to your specific needs.