Customer Testimonials on

"Junglemap is a must for security awareness! Junglemap helped our system become more secure with it easy to use type of software. It was truly a life saver.”

“A greatly favoured vendor for several reasons. Their approach to training is easy for our people to digest. Short, frequent, relevant lessons written in the vernacular, instead of legalese, makes the training effective.”

“Overall, we received very good value for the investments at a significantly lower cost per user than in previous e-learning projects.”

"Implementation has been smooth. 96% of 7200 users on a global basis are participating. "

“The Model Is Superior; The Service Is Unmatched, But Some Edits Were Necessary.” (we encourage customization)

”It is so intuitive and easy to modify and adjust to your own needs, no additional training is required but simple to work with.”

“Simplicity is their hallmark, and customer service is splendid.”

“With hundreds of vendors working for us, none is more responsive or professional.”

“Excellent service level by personnel. All inquiries and requests being handled immediately. Excellent reporting system. Nothing not functioning well.»

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