Privacy & GDPR for all employees

Our Privacy & GDPR awareness training courses consist of 16 different NanoLearning lessons, including tests and evaluations, awareness surveys and management training.

20+ languages

In this Privacy/GDPR awareness course your employees will learn about established rules, principles and best practices regarding privacy and personal data protection, thus reducing the risk of GDPR breaches in your organization. 

  • Our NanoLearning method enables you to efficiently raise awareness on privacy/GDPR - over time.  

    The best part: We provide an effect measurement report on privacy/GDPR awareness in your organization. 

    The content raises awareness on privacy/GDPR, increasing your employees’ knowledge of personal data protection and how to reduce risk of GDPR breaches by following STAR behavior (Stop, Think, Ask, React).

    In addition, we offer privacy training and surveys for executives and managers. 

    Examples of content:
      Basic Privacy Principles 

  • Data Collection and Storage 

  • Privacy Rights 

  • Incident Reporting 

  • Privacy in the Workplace 

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