Work Life Environment Course for Managers

In this NanoLearning-course managers will get a better understanding on how to handle Work Life Environment issues.

Our NanoLearning method helps the managers to learn and understand what responsibilities that comes with their role.

We customise the content for your organisation and you get an effect measurement report of what the managers actually know and what they have learnt after the course is completed.

This training is about how you as a manager should handle questions related to Work Life Environment. The main parts cover responsibilities and the importance of communication. 

The training can be used as an introduction for new managers and distributed more frequently or to increase awareness over time.


Example of content:

  • Workload
  • Stress
  • Social environment
  • Victimisation 

Let's work together!

Junglemap's content producers have long and solid experience in creating courses based on customers' materials and wishes. We create engaging content and take into account educational aspects that allow you to:

  • find out what problems managers often encounter
  • train managers' ability to handle dilemmas
  • collect data and ideas for future improvements
  • find out how employees and managers feel - what are their obstacles?

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