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AI course creation

What if you could turn your policy documents into practise? You know the documents that everyone need to read, but no-one does?

Using the Junglemap AI-feature to turn a policy document into a bite-sized NanoLearning course is a great way to make complex information more accessible and engaging for all employees. 

This is how to do it:

Document analysis: Why not start by re-visit and analyze the policy document to understand its structure, key concepts, and sections. Identify the main topics and subtopics within the document.

Chunking content: Break down the policy document into smaller, digestible chunks. Determine logical units of information that can be presented as individual learning modules or lessons. Each chunk should focus on one specific concept or idea.

Content sequencing: Arrange the content in a logical sequence that allows your employees to grasp the concepts progressively. Ensure that the course flows smoothly, with each lesson building upon the previous one. Junglemap offers an introduction to NanoLearning course creation led by our content team. 

Reflection and retrieval practice: The Junglemap AI-feature is trained to create questions triggering reflection and retrieval practice – the cornerstones of NanoLearning. This enables all employees to actively engage with the material and reinforce their understanding of your key content. 

Remember, while AI can automate certain aspects of the process, human expertise is crucial in reviewing and validating the generated content. An instructional designer or subject matter expert should be involved to ensure accuracy and quality.

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