Working Effectively and Securely from Home

Suddenly the world was turned upside down. Abnormal is the new normal. Although we have great good tools and there are lots of resources out there about how to work from home, maybe now the job begins.


Many organizations have posted guidelines, tips and tricks on how we can work from home already, but perhaps as with everything else, one needs to have a process to create an optimal organizational result.


Junglemap's new Work effectively and safely from home is just such a process, where we take one thing at a time, in small doses. This so that we together can navigate and implement our new workday one thing at a time and everyone simultaneously, so that we get a common, organizational effect.


Some of the topics are:

  • Clear agreements. After all, the new workday has some barriers that require us as leaders and individuals to take the initiative to create clarity.

  • Workday structure. Some are used to working from home, some are not. How can we, both individually and collectively, use, among other things, the calendar as a tool for restoring structure.

  • Culture. How do we keep and/or develop our culture in the new situation?

  • Information security in general. Suddenly, the home network and what is connected to it became a larger part of the employer's network. Stop, Think, Ask and Report.

  • Corona scams. With a higher level of stress, there is also a higher risk of acting before thinking or asking.


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