Digital Productivity Awareness.

To enable our customers to maximize productivity and security in using everyday technology, while also supporting digital transformation and new collaboration platforms, we provide four NanoLearning awareness processes for our Secure Productivity Awareness series:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Migration

  • Microsoft Office 365 Secure Productivity 

  • Secure Collaboration

  • iOS and Android Productivity & Security 


Read more about them below.

Office 365 Awareness

T​o facilitate a productive and secure rollout of and use of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, we provide two awareness processes to maximize productivity and security in everyday, cloud-based collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration is for customers about to implement Office 365. The process focuses on what´s new and different relative to prior versions, and has a particular focus on security features and secure collaboration.

Office 365 Secure Productivity builds on Microsoft Office 365 Migration, and is also for those who have implemented Office 365 without offering any training, and with focus on features and functions that may provide enhanced productivity and security in everyday cloud-based collaboration.

Secure Collaboration Awareness

Most of us are resigned to the fact that e-mail and meetings are just the way they are.

This means cleaning a full inbox at night, copying high and low and wide, forwarding here and there - and maybe risky handling of sensitive information around the cloud.


Then endless meetings without an agenda and what´s worse having unprepared participants. Maybe too many participants, or not the right ones. And more video meetings. 

If 1000 employees spend 4 hours per day on e-mail and meetings alone, this can run up to $40-50 million per year in time-cost. 

At the same time as e-mail and meetings are not optimal, we have all kinds of new platforms we start using, complicating the picture even further for users.

How much waste can there be in a process that has not been subject to any improvement?

Like a football team can get better at all elements of the game with focused practice, an organization can get better at collaboration - and this is the intent of our Secure Collaboration Awareness process.

iOS & Android 
Productivity​ and Security

Even though mobile operating systems today are very intuitive and easy to use, we believe its fair to say that not all users still don't know about all what they can or should do with their device.​

In fact, both the mentioned operating systems contain a lot of features and functions that can make our individual and collective use of them much more productive and secure.

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