All Year Round Too.

Just like athletes train to improve and organizations do fire-drills to prepare for disaster, Junglemap´s phishing-simulation capabilities can help train your organizations ability to identify, manage and report real phishing attacks.


Easy Customization

The administrator can choose between a number of phishing templates that can be easily customized in terms of content, sender and more. When a user clicks on a phishing-simulation link, we deliver users a customized response lesson, informing and training the user on the topic at hand. 


Fast and Scalable 

When you have customized the templates, you want to use for a given phishing-simulation campaign, you can set up the distribution easily, just like you would for a NanoLearning awareness process. Users can be quickly imported via a CSV-file or you can integrate with Azure Active Directory or OKTA for completely automated user- and organizational structure management.


Powerful Analytics and Drill-Down

Just like with a NanoLearning digital security awareness process, you have access to powerful analytics tools all the way from top-level aggregate, down to individual views so you can understand where in your organization you have additional risks and may want to initiate specific risk-reduction actions. Additionally, you can use our reporting functionality to send managers a report with aggregate or direct report data. 

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