Coronavirus NanoLearning Course from Junglemap

Today, there is no absence of information and misinformation about Coronavirus from a society and individual perspective. 

However, from an employer and employee perspective, we probably should not rely on all of us as employees picking up and bringing with us the right knowledge to protect our organization and our workday.

This is why Junglemap has created a NanoLearning course about Coronavirus, so that organizations and employees can develop a shared understanding of what it is, and what measures and behaviors we should put in place to reduce the impact it will have on our workplace.


The course consists of 5 3-minute lessons to be sent out one lesson per day over a week so that each topic gets exclusive focus and time-to-complete does not become a factor in a busy workday. 


The topics in the course are:


  1. Facts About Coronavirus

  2. How Can We Protect our Workplace?

  3. We Can We Deal with Fears and Worries in the Workplace

  4. Are We Planning Well Enough for Changes to our Workday?

  5. If We, as Employees, Get Sick with Coronavirus


The price of the course is US$ 2,000 + tax per organization regardless of the number of employees. The course is available in English, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish.

In conjunction with the outbreak, we are also offering a course in Microsoft Teams, to better support remote work. Please notifiy us in the message field below, if you are interested in this. 

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