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 The Race Against Time

How to build and deliver a GDPR training program ASAP? With Junglemap´s easily customizable GDPR programs,
you can.


Junglemap´s Introduction to GDPR NanoLearning programs are based our innovative, user friendly and highly effective NanoLearning method with a series of 2-3 minute, single-topic lessons sent to all your employees with whatever frequency you prefer. 


Program Portfolio

Junglemap provides a number of well-proven GDPR programs:

  • Introduction to GDPR for All Employees
  • GDPR for HR
  • GDPR for IT
  • GDPR for Controller and Processor


Easy and Fast Customization

All programs are 90 percent “finished goods”. In one hour, you can easily customize the content to align 100 % with your legal, process or systems needs. 

You can easily set up and adjust the distribution schedule as you please too.

And of course, you can create and distribute your own content on that company-specific compliance issue. 


Powerful Analytics and Reporting

The process is further supported by all the tools you need to maximize participation to reduce risk.

  • Post-program evaluation
  • Knowledge test
  • Automated reminders
  • Automated manager reports

And of course, you get access to dashboards where you can drill down from the top, aggregate level, down to the individual level. 



Hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe have participated in Junglemap GDPR programs.

9 out of 10 of your users say they have a better understanding of GDPR in post program evaluations.

Do you have any questions we can help with?


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