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 Human Transformation

You have a great idea, you have developed a great solution at great expense.

What could possibly go wrong?

The human factor. To the extent humans are involved in your digital transformation project, there is a chance that training might be a challenge. Training is often low on the priority list, so it often loses in the mad rush toward the deadline.


Trouble is, traditional video- and animation-based e-learning take a lot of time to develop and are hard to update. This may be compounded by the fact that your solution itself maybe changes often, so you have a moving target to deal with as well. 


When the course is finished, the first thing the traditional e-learning course will do is to show users a menu of say 15 modules. This will switch users off instantly, the elephant is just too big. De-facto no training training can easily result in project failure. 



JunglemapĀ“s innovative NanoLearning is based on a series of 2-5 minute single-topic lessons sent to all your users via e-mail, for example one lesson per day from the launch. So, there is no elephant to digest, and we all know an apple a day is better than a kilogram of vitamins once a year. 


Easy and Fast Development

With NanoLearning, we bet you can develop a 15-module e-learning course in 1-3 days. Something changed? You can change your course in minutes. Literally. NanoLearning sets you free from expensive consultants that you have to train - and have an incentive to spend as much time as possible to bill you the most amount of money. NanoLearning transforms training in impact, time and money terms.


Microsoft Transformations & Transitions

To the extent your transformation or transition project involve Microsoft software platforms, services or technologies, we provide easily customizable baseline courses in Microsoft Windows, Office 365, Skype for Business, Teams, Yammer and SharePoint and more. 


Powerful Analytics and Reporting

And of course, you get access to dashboards where you can drill down from the top, aggregate level, down to the individual level to see how the program runs.  

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