Governance Awareness.
All Year Round.​

Does a once-a-year Code of Conduct or Ethics 
course really reduce risk?​


Developing a traditional Code of Conduct or Ethics program may take 4-6 months and a large sum of money to develop. Add dozens of meetings with consultants you have to train.

Then you have to use the full force of the words mandatory and escalate to have employees take the it. You may even become unpopular because of it. 

If employees did the course, how long does it stick, or is it gone too fast due to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve? 

Maybe a lasting effect and and once-a-year training is actually incompatible.

NanoLearning with Spaced Repetition

Junglemap invented bite-sized learning in 2006, and our method is aligned with learning research, applying spaced repetition to counter the forgetting curve. 


Thus, our Information Security Awareness processes are based on a series of 3 minute single-topic lessons delivered to all your employees every 3 weeks - all year round - for continuous learning, alertness and dialog around digital security.

Can this work?

In our annual awareness risk assessment (ARA), we ask users if they think more about information security in their everyday work and empirically - after having delivered more than 6000 process to more than 5 million users - your average response will be in the range of 85-95 % yes.

If it´s not, we will give you your money back. 

Baseline Content

Many Code of Conduct policies contain the same, core building blocks, but are formulated differently from one organization to the next. 


Junglemap´s Code of Conduct baseline are built around a core set of modules that can be easily customized to your specific policy in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months. 


If you have other risk areas you would like to cover, you can easily create lessons yourself. Based on materials you probably already have, you can probably create a lesson in an hour. We bet you can do it faster yourself, than train any consultant. 


The basic structure of the program is:

  • Pre-program survey

  • Introduction

  • Lessons 

  • Post program survey


You can set up and change the distribution schedule as you please too, to fit with other activities in your organization.

Typical execution is a process of one 3-minute lesson every 3 weeks all-year-round, as this is the only way to build and maintain lasting awareness.   

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

The process is further supported by all the tools you need to maximize participation to reduce risk.

  • Post-program evaluation

  • Knowledge test

  • Automated reminders

  • Automated manager reports

  • User update automation


And of course, you get access to dashboards where you can drill down from the top, aggregate level, down to the individual level. 



Hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe have participated in Junglemap GDPR programs.

9 out of 10 of your users say they have a better understanding of GDPR in post program evaluations.