Easy, Time- and Cost Effective Crisis Training

Many organizations are required by law and / or should execute crisis exercises, but find it difficult and resource-consuming to plan, execute and evaluate.


Junglemap's innovative Crisis Management Training Framework (CMTF) makes it possible to plan, execute and evaluate crisis exercises in a simple, time- and cost-effective way.

Crisis Management Training Framework

An exercise is put together by picking and choosing from a pool of more than 50 industry-, role-, process-, procedure-, system- event modules which are then easily customized to suit a desired crisis exercise.


In addition to existing CMTF event modules, you can easily and quickly create your own modules for company-specific contingency plans to be tested.


The exercise itself is performed by CMTF broadcasting selected "events" that "attack" the various contingency plans or procedures one wishes to test. In this way, you discover the ability of the organization to respond correctly, or whether plans or procedures should be improved.


After a completed exercise, a digital and then a joint organizational evaluation is conducted to identify any gaps with subsequent action plans.

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