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The Constant Battle for Alertness

The once-a-year awareness course has maybe had its time. You had to fight your way into all employee calendars using words as mandatory and escalation every year.

If users did the course, then the forgetting curve set in.

Then, how do you educate users on an attack happening right now, or customize the program to fit ever-changing threats?

After all, maybe awareness and once-a-year training is incompatible.


Method Challenges

As humans and organizations, we learn better one thing at a time, rather than 20, as in the typical, annual course.

And, as soon as we have learned something, we start a biological process of forgetting. Forgive us for stating the obvious, that can lead to disasters. 


NanoLearning and Spaced Repetition

We invented NanoLearning in 2006, and our method is aligned with learning research, applying spaced repetition to counter the forgetting curve. 

Thus, our Information Security Awareness 365 programs are based on a series of 2-3 minute single-topic lessons sent to all your employees every 2-3 weeks - all year round - for optimal learning and alertness. 


Easy and Fast Customization

Our programs are 90 percent finished goods. In one hour, you can easily customize the content to align 100 % with your risk analysis, policies or other needs.

You can set up and change the distribution schedule as you please too, to fit with other activities in your organization.

And of course, you can create and distribute your own content. In case of an incident, you can create a lesson and serve it to all your colleagues today.


3 Programs for All Levels

We provide 3 NanoLearning awareness programs:

  • Information Security Awareness 365 for All Employees
  • Information Security Awareness 365 for Managers
  • Information Security Awareness 365 for CEOs & Board Members


Powerful Analytics and Reporting

The process is further supported by all the tools you need to maximize participation to reduce risk.

  • An unlimited number of phishing tests
  • Pre- and post-program surveys
  • Knowledge tests
  • Automated reminders
  • Automated manager reports

And of course, you get access to dashboards where you can drill down from the top, aggregate level, down to the individual level. 



More than 3 million employees in 900+ organizations around the globe have participated in Junglemap awareness programs. Our largest course had 420.000 participants. 

9 out of 10 of your users will say they think more about information security in their every-day work and 9 of 10 will recommend the program to continue.

Those are the effects. 


Do you have any questions we can help with?


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