Security Awareness.

All Year Round. 

The once-a-year information security course has maybe had its time? You maybe had to fight your way into all employee calendars using words as mandatory and escalation every year to get employees to do it. 


If users did the course, the course maybe created information overload, because as humans and organizations, we learn better one topic/element at a time, rather than 20 or 30, as in the typical annual course.


And, as soon as we have learned something, we start a biological process of forgetting and  becoming less alert. Forgive us for stating the obvious, that can lead to disasters.

To counter the forgetting and downward alertness-curve, you need a continuous, all-year-round process. 

Maybe the e-learning industry has mislead us all for the past 15-20 years. Maybe awareness and once-a-year training are actually incompatible?

NanoLearning with Spaced Repetition

Junglemap invented bite-sized learning in 2006. Our method is based on learning research, such as spaced repetition, spacing effect and retrieval practice to maximise learning, alertness and counter the forgetting curve. 


Our digital security awareness processes are based on a series of 3-minute single-topic lessons delivered to all your internal and external users every 3 weeks - all year round - for continuous learning, alertness and dialog.

Can this work?

In our annual awareness risk assessment (ARA), we ask users if they think more about information security in their everyday work. Empirically - after having delivered more than 6000 processes to more than 5 million users - your average response will be yes, in the range of 85-95 %.

A Portfolio for All Your Users

To minimize the time you need to spend to prepare and maintain your awareness process, we provide a portfolio that can be very easily customized to your needs:

  • Digital Security Awareness for All Employees Enterprise

  • Digital Security Awareness for All Employees Healthcare

  • Digital Security Awareness for All Employees Government

  • Digital Security Awareness for Managers

  • Digital Security Awareness for the C-Level

  • Digital Security Awareness for the Board

All processes are offered at a fixed price, so you know exactly what your cost will be. No need to spend time with, or money on, consultants. 

All the above awareness processes include free, unlimited use of NanoLearning´s Phishing simulation capability. 

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

The process is further supported by all the tools you need to maximize participation and to reduce risk.

  • Pre-process survey

  • Post-process evaluation

  • Knowledge test

  • Automated reminders

  • Automated manager reports

  • User management automation


And of course, you get access to dashboards where you can drill down from the top, aggregate level, down to the individual level. 

Benefit Summary

  • Higher awareness and alertness, lower risk due to all-year-round process

  • Higher user satisfaction, due to easy-to-digest format

  • A complete portfolio for awareness processes from employees to the board-room

  • Easy and fast customisation of content to your needs, saves you time and money

  • Many options for automation and integration to save you time in planning and execution

  • Fixed price, cloud service and all services needed are included

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