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Any Learning Need.

Develop in a Flash.


You are in a meeting where a training need comes up. What if you a few hours later could present a draft course? Or, let your colleagues do it themselves? Then roll out the final course a few days later. With NanoLearning this is possible.


Bite-sized Learning, We Invented It

With NanoLearning, the principle is simple.

Split learning into bite-size portions and distribute them via e-mail to the course participants over time. They will like it – as you will see in your participation reports and evaluations.

Learning results improve, as you keep the learning topic on the organization's agenda all year round.


Easy, Effective and Affordable

NanoLearning is a flexible solution that any organization can afford and use. Develop your own learning programs from scratch, or build on our standardized courses.

NanoLearning makes developing and delivering e-learning significantly easier, more effective and more affordable.

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