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Risk. Reduced.

Learn about Junglemap’s Ethics and Zero-tolerance Ethics program.


Ethics programs are often conducted as a 1-hour e-learning courses with animations and videos that are expensive and time-consuming to develop, translate and maintain. 

But does ethics training once a year really work? How much effect can you measure six months later? Will users take the course without you using the full force of the word mandatory


Ethics Must be a Continuous Process

Like anything else in a business, where you want consistent results over time, ethics training must be a continuous process. 

Junglemap’s ethics program consists of universal ethics topics and a set of dilemma examples.

You can easily customize all modules and dilemmas to fit your specific polices and guidelines, or create additional modules.

Within hours or days, you can roll an ethics program that is 100 % customized to your organization.

Typical distribution is one lesson every 2-4 weeks, all year round. 


Zero Tolerance

But there is more. With our Zero Tolerance option, all managers and/or employees must answer the following 3 questions once or twice a year:

  1. Have you observed any breaches of laws, regulations or internal policies?
  2. Have these been managed fairly and according to our policy?
  3. Are you proud of our ethics work?

We believe these 3 simple questions answered by all employees will significantly reduce risk of any surprises to you. 

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